DeMint: Trump Deal With Dems a ‘Betrayal’

DeMint: Trump Deal With Dems a ‘Betrayal’

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Former GOP Sen. Jim DeMint says President Donald Trump’s decision Wednesday to back a plan by Democrats on a short-term debt-ceiling increase is a “betrayal’ of Republican principles.

Trump reportedly stunned GOP leaders in an Oval Office meeting when he abruptly joined with Democrats on a debt-ceiling plan. Several Republicans were critical of the president, including DeMint.

Some present at the meeting told CNN it appeared Trump was desperate to make a deal — whatever the cost — because his first seven months in office have yet to produce any major accomplishments.

“It’s just a betrayal of everything we’ve been talking about for years as Republicans,” DeMint told Politico. “What the president’s going to find is . . . if they bet on Democratic votes they better plan on [giving up] a lot more than they think they’re going to.”

Politico noted the deal could harm Republicans by emboldening Democrats to push for changes in immigration or spending without giving anything in exchange.