Crazed Leftist Tweets Retweeted More Than 40,000 Times…

Crazed Leftist Tweets Retweeted More Than 40,000 Times…

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On May 26th, a Twitter user named Jackie Bouvier tweeted six reasons why Donald Trump is just like Adolf Hitler, and that single tweet has now been retweeted more than 40,000 times.  Here are the six points of comparison that she made between Trump and Hitler…

Things Hitler did:

1. Had parades for himself
2. Made people cheer for him
3. Took kids from their mothers
4. Rounded up humans
5. Spread propaganda
6. Only wanted to hear news that put him in a good light. Yeah. Trump is nothing like that.

And she followed that up with this gem of a tweet…

Just to be clear, I’m almost 50 years old. I understand that Hitler killed millions of Jews. I’m saying that Trump would do similar things if given the chance.


Does she seriously believe that Trump would kill millions of people if he had the chance?

If this is any indication where our society is heading, then we are in really big trouble…



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    Alan 3 months

    I am almost 60 and I have never seen such a lousy comparison ever. Maybe she needs to visit the Holocaust Museum. If she wants to compare anybody to Hitler, she should look at what the Obama administration did.

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    You people on the left have no shame. ALL of those things you listed are false and if you weren’t a resister or hater you would certainly know that. But no this is just another fake news bull that once out there, the damage is done. Something really needs to be done with ALL you liers and your so called sources, those of you who hide behind sources that don’t exists should be in prisoned for character assignation and given a lengthy prison term. I have a hard time believing people can ruin someone under false accusations and get away with it. To compare Trump to Hitler would be an example of character assignation under extremely wrong accusations.

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    10driver 3 months

    I’m older than 60 and I have seen this style of rhetoric before as it is standard socialist fare. Hate, conflate, demonize and expose their own true purpose by transference toward anyone who would disagree.

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