Here’s What Happened When Two Democrat States Banned Bump Stocks

Here’s What Happened When Two Democrat States Banned Bump Stocks

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Submitted by Matt P. by The Political Insider,

Most people didn’t know what a “bump stock” was before the massacre in Las Vegas last year, where a gunman opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest music festival.

It was revealed that the shooter had used bump stocks to make his semi-automatic weapons fire at a rate more resembling automatic fire.Automatic weapons have been banned in America since 1934, and many have called for a ban on bump stocks as a result.

There was some discussion of doing so at a federal level, but like every other potential gun control measure, it ended up going nowhere. Instead, a few States have decided to ban them on their own. New Jersey and Massachusetts are among them, banning bump stock purchases, and requiring all outstanding bump stocks to be turned in. The gun accessory isn’t all too common, and there are only 8,500 bump stocks in Massachusetts, and 5,600 in New Jersey.

The problem for regulators is that there isn’t a record of who owns them, so they’ve had to rely on citizens voluntarily turning in their bump stocks to comply with the law.

Massachusetts and New Jersey are both heavily liberal States, and yet virtually nobody turned in their bump stocks. Only three people did in Massachusetts, while a total of zero did in New Jersey.

Bump stock bans are currently awaiting governor’s signatures in Hawaii and Connecticut, and Delaware and Rhode Island are set to ban them soon too. A gun control proponent may argue that despite the impossibility of confiscating all the current bump stocks in circulation, a ban on sales prevents the supply from growing.

Regardless, the real lesson here is that any gun confiscation schemes the Left may cook up would never be obeyed if attempted. If gun owners in far-left States won’t even turn in a gun accessory, what could of gun control measure would owners comply with?

Probably none.




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    I’m not turning my stuff over at all. The libs end up not punishing the bad guy at all but let them live and get free care for the rest of their lives. Some don’t get punished at all.

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    This is what Hitler did to the German people and you what else happen? the people were left at the mercy of Hitler and you know what he did? he alienated them, end of the story, get the picture?

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    Once the liberal loonies realize the futility of trying to ban illegal products they don’t like, they will probably make it a “non problem” by declaring them legal. Ergo, no more problem. It worked with booze and pot, so why not bump stocks!

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    april 19th, 1775, the king of england ordered the british troops to confiscate all weapons in the colonies. 15,000 held rallies to protest and that was the real day of independence for the colonies , as that set off those who wished to protect themselves from tyranical government toward freedom. we have the 2nd amendment as a result to protect ourselves from enemies foreign and domestic. our government is our biggest threat still. nazi germany gave up their weapons, so did the ussr and china. all tyranical governments that control their people still. ”its easier to kill a million people than to control them” it is said, well, without defense both are possible. there is a reason we are free and stay that way. there is reason japan didnt invade. as we had in 1/3 of our homes the weapons to defend ourselves and knew how to use them. the largest civilian army in the world. criminals will always be a problem, and without guns they will use knives. china just had a school killing….14 kids knifed by a discontent. killed. crime is 1% of the populations, you want to leave your family and 99% disarmed while the criminals will still exist and be armed. we set a starndard for freedom and history has proved us correct.

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    Sgt 6 months

    It’s time to kill the JACK ASS PARTY after all not 1 president from that party has done AMERICA any good. In all of the 196 wars that the U.S.A. has been in other than at best only 5 wars burned us, the other 191 have been wars do to the JACK ASS PARTY. Every one have cost lives & great treasure & not one has done AMERICA any good. In addition the other 191 wars happened for 2 reasons, greed of others resources or land & utmost failed Diplomacy that seams to be the only Diplomacy the JACK ASS PARTY has ever had including how they govern AMERICA with 1) a velvet gloved steel gauntlet or 2) a 30 pound sledge hammer. Ether one still produces pain for us. Let’s name a few of just of that party :::

    1) O’BamYa not affordable no health care but you only have a government promise of care & as we have seen so far is only doctor assisted death even when the party wants to live, this is also 180 around from what & why people go to medical school for. As if that was not a burn in it’s self let’s not forget the 86,755,000 who lost 37.5% of pay to keep the Some BS job, or the other 25,550,000 who where fired … In addition lets not forget just what O”BamYa said when he signed the bill, ” Look grand mom had a hip operation and is asking for some thing for the pain so give her a few pills and stick her in the corner she will be all right ” what has come of it i the Ox~Cotten blast now kids just go snag a few pills of grand moms, So what good did O’BamYa health actually do ? ZIP

    2) The reduction of our military personnel (Clinton dismantled 2 of our D.E.W. sights) that has left us with 45% less world wide coverage they by doing so opened up to pip squeak’s like Kim #3 popping off I.C.B.M. like pop corn, or he missed 2,000 miles from Sea~Tac & the media telling you that lied because that but 2,000 miles at I.C.B.M. speeds is 6 min 24 seconds from the nuke glow good buy Sea~Tac … In addition our body bag count went up 87% from before. Yet we still have NOT secured squat in the mid east, & can’t even more so now …

    3) The reduction of food stamps, welfare, the whole lot in fact by law (at one time) you had to go to vocational school & / or college so in all one is not to be on any welfare in 4 to 8 years. Welfare is (was) not to be a life style but the JACK ASS PARTY did make it so. Even so a welfare mother with 3 kids & no high school is paid 1.75 times more than an E ~ 4 sgt who has on average 2 years of college & 45 months of training on the military equipment of there field. Next we all know that 68% of AMERICAS street drugs are in the VADIO, POUR JETS, SLUMS ie prime GOVERNMENT REAL ESTATE, so how does the welfare mother actually pay for the drugs & not get evicted ? …

    4) The reduction of GI pay that even before the reduction a GI was already so rock bottom in pay that they could get food stamps & child care when at work. In fact a 7~11 worker is paid almost 2.35 times more than a GI …

    5) Minimum wage that liberal employers think is all one is to be paid as they make sexual advances on young women & trash young men in every way. Face it AMERICA in 2018 Minimum Wage will not afford you an 1850’s sugar, tobacco, or cotton southern U.S.A. plantation slave life style. In fact they stash the real money they should pay you for there every 2 years Hawaii Christmas vacation. Then too your commissions some how never are paid too, that money is stanched in to the retirement of the FAT ASS. You can’t make the money to live on so don’t even think of college because just to do the 36 months & no summer intern ships you will still be paying for college when your children finish college …

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    7) Abortion so let’s do some real math 6 x 60 x 24 x 365.25 x 46 = 151,476,480 = to 60% vs the 40% alive 100,984,320 is it any wonder why they need the illegals to do the crap pay jobs now ? Then too if they did boost pay to the demanded $15.oo per hour here is the proof that HATE AMERICANS because suddenly pay boosted 2.05 times higher than when AMERICAN workers demanded it in fact they sent the National Guard to kill people mind you that was only for $1.oo or $2.oo more a day in pay. Since the illegals went for $15.oo per hour and because of O’Bamya No Health AMERICAN minimum pay MUST be $47.95 with no less that 25 hours per week or more than 40 unless they the worker wants to, in addition Alliens are not permitted to work more that 20 hours per week. They also must pay 100% tax to send money out of AMERICA & a 100% luxury tax to do so after all they send $8,998,875,000 out of AMERICA every month, or $107,986,500,000,000.oo per year that is not taxed. If the 2 taxes I listed where collected 50% is to pay unemployment the other 50% can be used for THE S/W WALL then later split that between military pay boost & boarder patrol pay boost too. . .

    What are you chocking on truths here ? Well you need to know truths you have been hiding from …

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    I’m totally Pro 2nd Amendment. But the bump stock is only a fun accessory to use on an AR-15. If they ever come for my guns, I’ll be shooting on semi so as to be more accurate and not wasting ammo. Since I’m retired military and I now have to buy my own ammo, I don’t waste what I have with a bump stock. I shoot/practice and hit what I aim at (for the most part) and don’t willingly throw away ammunition. So naturally I never bought a bump stock and I could see that trying to pull the trigger that fast for so many times to give the gun an “Automatic” sense of firing. Well there went your accuracy! I remember how the M-16 used to climb on full auto and that wasted ammo as well. We learned to fire the gun on it’s side so instead of climbing, it pulled linear to the left. But still wasted ammo. Then the
    M-16A2 with the (Burst) selector lever, curbed that problem. But like I said before, I now have to buy my own ammo and I don’t waste what I manage to buy for training and home defense!

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