Insanity: Watch Violent Antifa Mob Attack Open Carry March At Kent State

Insanity: Watch Violent Antifa Mob Attack Open Carry March At Kent State

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Infowars sent reporters to Kent State University in Ohio on Saturday to cover an Open Carry Event on campus, where Antifa showed up instigating violence to spark a new Charlottesville situation in an attempt to blame the violence on gun owners, but their attempts failed.

The event began with several interviews of Open Carry attendees, but the scene soon devolved into leftist-driven violence.

One Antifa member tried obstructing the police from keeping the Open Carry group safe:

“This is getting really heated,” Millie said. “The Anti-gun protesters are literally here screaming, yelling, trying to intimidate, trying to stop the march from proceeding forward, trying to violently protest the Second Amendment.”

“They threw some kind of a fake grenade water balloon!” she added. “The police just said ‘I think a lot of people are going to get hurt.’”

“A guy has just been arrested by the cops for most likely assaulting a police officer.”

“It’s really sad, because I think a lot of this is fueled and stoked by the media, the leftist media outlets that decided to post fake, lying, libelous articles on Kaitlyn Bennett’s Open Carry rally, trying to say this rally somehow has something to do with fascism or racism when everyone here has disavowed any of that.”

One Open Carry demonstrator said the violence would likely be blamed on Second Amendment supporters.

“How much of the hundreds of Antifa people that showed up here are literally a repeat of history from the 1970s, that being bussed-in agitators?” he asked.

Campus Open Carry Group Arrives At Kent:



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    Solution>Declare ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization!
    The America I was born into still had many of the foundational principles that our Founding Fathers established. To start with, America was a republic, not a democracy and was never intended to be. The difference between the two has been totally lost on many Americans today. What’s the difference? A republic is where the people elect leaders to do the bidding of the majority of the people.
    A democracy is where the people elect leaders who rule and dictate over them.
    A republic is a free nation whereas a democracy is the first step towards socialism.

    The 2nd Amendment is needed to protect ourselves from tyranny !!!

    Unite & vote in 2018; President Trump/Pence still needs our support !!!
    Trump 2020 !!!

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      Ernst 1 week

      Antifa has declared itself a terrorist organization. Give them what they ask for!

  • comment-avatar
    Will Harden 2 weeks

    These Antifa guys act like Hitler’s Brown Shirts.
    If we don’t learn from the past, we repeat terrible things in the Future.
    Is this the way we are to act in a democracy?
    We can learn a lot from movements by their methods.
    The Democrats are Demigods.

    • comment-avatar
      Craig Leonard 2 weeks

      The left is a joke. I’m an informed armed conservative and I shoot first and foremost I never miss my target.

    • comment-avatar
      Bee with a Sting 2 weeks

      That’s always been my thought–they are *far* more fascist than they are “anti-fascist”.

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    jerry Hughes 2 weeks

    My wife and I went to the Trump rally at University of Chicago, that was called off.
    On he way back to the vehicle we were assaulted by a group of young men.
    My wife was on crutches for 3 weeks.
    That will not happen again.
    The day after that I bought 2-5 shot revolvers called Thunder chambered to accept a 45 cal round or a 410 shotgun round.
    I hand loaded 50 rounds of the 410 rounds with single ought buckshot.
    If we are attacked again by these scum, I will leave 10 to 15 of them laying there waiting for the meat wagon

  • comment-avatar
    Craig Leonard 2 weeks

    I’m a proud Trump supporter and I proudly wear Trump shirts and hats. I also carry two Glock 45 cal. Pistols in plain site to let these sick punks know I will defend myself to the fullest extreme. They’ve tried to taught me, but I find that if you’re armed and they know it they fold like the pussies that they are. I don’t put my hands on anyone and won’t have anyone put theirs on me. Bang Bang!

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    You wear a mask or gear to cover your identity at a march of any sort by anyone including the trouble makers, you go to jail on felony charges. You incite violence at a rally lawfully licensed to march, you go to jail on felony charges. And finally start listing these groups like Antifa for what they are, terrorist. And throw them in jail on felony charges where ever they turn up masked or not. This is the tactic of the brown shirts of the nazis of Germany in the 1930s and funded and bused by an admirer of Hitler, Soros. Stop this man and his evil intent and these dumb uesful tools.

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    Rivahmitch 2 weeks

    OH….. just to be there with a 50 cal, a hunting license and no bag limit;-)

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    This is getting absolutely out of hand and something needs to be done about it now. We can’t stand up and support our belief’s but they are allowed too! But if we do we are harassed and threatened and physically abused! What kind of America are we living in? I have a concealed carry and have hunted for years, not to mention I am a darn good shot, but I don’t want to go there unless I have to but I will.

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    Clyde Salley 2 weeks

    I would have shot the terrorist Dead! Semper Fi, Vietnam, class of 66/68! Not senator blue menthols class! Ha!

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