Leland, North Carolina already CRIMINALIZING all personal firearms ahead of the coming hurricane… city leaders believe hurricanes nullify the Constitution

Leland, North Carolina already CRIMINALIZING all personal firearms ahead of the coming hurricane… city leaders believe hurricanes nullify the Constitution

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(Natural News) Despite the fact that major storms can leave communities devastated and vulnerable to criminal acts in the aftermath like looting, one North Carolina city is acting to prevent its citizens from defending themselves if Hurricane Florence, now bearing down on the state, makes landfall and wreaks havoc.

As reported by The Gun Feed, the Firearms Policy Coalition and Firearms Policy Foundation announced Tuesday that both organizations sent a pre-litigation demand letter to the Town of Leland, N.C., whose officials have banned “some lawful and constitutionally protected firearm-related conduct in advance” of the hurricane. The letter was sent by the Diguiseppe Law Firm in Wilmington, N.C.

On Monday, the report said, city officials issued an order that states, “Effective at 9:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 12, 2018, the transportation or possession, or the sale or purchase of any dangerous weapon or substance, while off one’s own premises, is prohibited.”

Bearing Arms added that city officials were getting additional pushback following the order.

“The town’s prohibition could well increase the vulnerability to damage, injury, or loss of life or property, by chilling the otherwise lawful use and possession of firearms and ammunition in the protection of one’s property during these times – rights expressly preserved under the state law in the event of such states of emergency,” the letter notes.

Federal officials are already predicting heavy damage from Florence, and “long-term” recovery efforts, leading some to conclude that criminal activities like looting in the storm’s wake is a foregone conclusion.

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“This will be a storm that creates and causes massive damage to our country,” Jeff Byard, Federal Emergency Management Agency associate administrator, told CNN Tuesday. “It is going to be … a long-term recovery. This is not going to be a storm that we recover from in days.” (Related: You need to know these 8 essential survival tips to prepare you for the next catastrophe.)

That alone is causing some North Carolina residents to ignore evacuation orders issued by state officials.

‘This one really scares me’

“Once you leave, (it will be) hard to get back in to check on damage,” Southport resident Tim Terman told the network. “My home is all my wife and I have, materially speaking, a lifetime of stuff.”He added he will make a final decision about what to do on Wednesday, just ahead of Florence making landfall.

Worth protecting, if possible, in other words.

“Leland’s State of Emergency Notice should immediately be amended to strike the offending language creating this unlawful and unconstitutional weapons prohibition. Should the Town fail to do so, and/or attempt to enforce the same against any resident, it stands exposed to civil actions for declaratory and injunctive relief, and monetary damages,” said attorney Raymond DiGuiseppe, on behalf of the groups.

The letter must have had some effect because city officials did amend the original order somewhat. They added, “This prohibition and restriction does not apply to lawfully possessed firearms or ammunition.”

But some residents and analysts are suspicious nonetheless. They say that the city may prosecute someone for legally carrying a concealed firearm, for example, if they are caught with it outside of their own property.

Maintaining a Category 4 status as it approaches the U.S. southeastern coast, weather forecasters and other experts are fearing the worst.

“This one really scares me,” said National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham.

Added Byard: “This storm is going to knock out power days into weeks. It’s going to destroy infrastructure. It’s going to destroy homes.”

Forecasters believe that North Carolina could receive as much as 20 inches of rain or more, while other parts of the East Coast including Virginia, Washington, D.C., and parts of Maryland could get as much as 10 inches.

Currently, the storm is generating 130 mile-per-hour winds extending 70 miles out from the eye of Florence.

Read more about apocalyptic storm damage and infrastructure collapse at Collapse.news.

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  • comment-avatar
    Robert 2 months

    As the article has not stated who, in particular, proposed and pushed this foolish and illegal agenda one can only assume there was a “(D)” next to their name or names!

    • comment-avatar
      James 2 months

      Well trying to bring in a law like that lets the looters and from a know that people won’t be armed. Nice to warn them its an open go to break into properties. Loony officials, need to be kicked out and replaced with sound people.

    • comment-avatar
      Henry Sammy 2 months

      Open season for looters knowing ALL targets are soft, i.e. without weapon. The authorities have put up a ‘WELCOME LOOTERS’ sign. That’s leadership?

  • comment-avatar
    John Straub 2 months

    This is one of the most stupid reaction on how to protect your citizens when a hurricane comes along. Deny them the right to protect themselves from what you can be sure will be a criminal element taking advantage of homes that have been evacuated. If you prevent those people who follow evacuation orders and leave their guns home, that will make easy pickings for anyone breaking in. Not having a gun to protect oneself from these vultures is also wrong. Fortunately the Governor of Florida Rick Scott did just the opposite for Florida residents. He advised that gun owners during an evacuation remove their weapons from their homes and pretty much waived concealed carry requirements due to the emergency last year. That is the example Leland NC needs to follow rather than violate people’s rights with the 2nd Amendment.

  • comment-avatar
    Wayne D Peterkin 2 months

    Clearly unconstitutional. Worse that that, morally and profoundly wrong since they are intentionally more innocent victims of crime. How can these elected officials be that obtuse? Obviously, they need replaced.

  • comment-avatar
    William Hamilton 2 months

    I’m sorry, city government. You never had the right to suspend civil rights. And you certainly DO NOT have Constitutional authority to pull such a stunt as nullify a national governing document. You are public servants, not the king.

    • comment-avatar
      Tom Reininger 2 months

      I’m on the other side of the country, and a cc permit holder. I feel they need to leave those dim-wits loose in town without their armies to protect them. Just them against all the crazies who will be coming into grab what they can. I’ve never heard of anything so absurd.

  • comment-avatar

    This new city or county or state law will be tested. No one with any sense will go unarmed in this situation. And those who intend harm will do so regardless so better to be prepared. And the idiots who formulated this late move need to be FIRED! And I agree they must be dem wits who shoved this through. Hang em high!

  • comment-avatar
    Diana 2 months

    No way in hell dose a hurricane nullifie the Constitution it make even more important in a disaster it is better that you are Armed to protect yourself, family, belongings, so to hell with these corrupt politicians they will try anything to get our guns time to remove these Traitors from our gov. Once and for all. Leftist socialist socialist politicians

  • comment-avatar
    mike6080 2 months

    lock and load

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