One-Third Of Voters Think Civil War “Likely Soon” While 59% Say Anti-Trump Liberals Will Resort To Violence

One-Third Of Voters Think Civil War “Likely Soon” While 59% Say Anti-Trump Liberals Will Resort To Violence

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A shocking 31% of voters say it’s likely that the United States will experience a second civil war over the next five years, according to a new Rasmussen poll.

Breaking it down by race, 44% of blacks think a second civil war is likely in the next five years, while 28% of whites and 36% of other minority voters are similarly concerned.

Other highlights:

  • While 31% of voters say civil war is “likely” in the next five years, 11% say it’s “Very Likely”
  • 59% of respondents are concerned that those opposed to Trump will resort to violence
  • 37% of Democrats and 32% of Republicans fear that a second civil war is imminent
  • Voters who believe the nation is divided has jumped from 50% before Trump’s inauguration to 55%
  • 42% of voters say the country is headed in the right direction – a figure which ran in the mid-to upper 20% range for most weeks during the last year of Obama’s presidency
  • 51% of voters blame Trump for his poor relationship with the media, however only 40% think it’s possible for the president to do anything the media will approve of.
  • 51% of voters agree with Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn, who said that his party is “pickled in identity politics and victimology.”

Given the spate of violence directed towards Trump supporters which began during the 2016 election which has most recently manifested itself in the form of stalking, public shaming and threatening Trump officials, it’s easy to see how nearly 1/3 of voters think civil war is on the horizon. There are also scores of leftist hate groups roaming around looking for a fight, as well documented by Far Left Watch.

Remember these charming incidents? (there are hundreds)

Cheesecake Factory Employees Attack Black Man For Wearing MAGA Hat

Capitol Police Arrested Male Dem Operative For Assaulting Female Trump Admin Official

Trump supporter ‘brutally attacked’ in D.C. restaurant

NY: Danish tourist mugged at knifepoint over MAGA hat

Black Trump Supporter Spit On For Being a Black Man Wearing ‘MAGA’ Hat

MN: Conservative Students Say They Have Been ‘Violently Threatened’ at St. Olaf College

Chicago teens kidnap and torture a Trump supporter while they live stream from Facebook
ss=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”>ng=”en”>Elderly Trump supporter pepper sprayed by Antifa girl at a Berkeley rally. Girl runs away like a coward. #Berkeley #Antifa 😡

— ZeroPointNow (@ZeroPointNow) March 5, 2017

Then there are the “fake hate” stories coming predominantly from the left…

And watch out conservatives… they’re ‘training’



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    Brandy 2 months


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      I agree. Civil war is coming. It’s a shame because it will be worse than the first one.

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        30 years ago my friend said buy more guns and bury them, he sounded crazy then but now he might be right

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      There is one thing the stupids are in for if they piss me off any more. I can assemble an army from Idaho, Montana, Eastern Washington and also from Oregon, N and S Dakota, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, TEXAS, Iowa, Nebraska, These are hunters and I can also agree we will not miss. Now do asses really want to mess with this sharpshooters?? Think twice before you commit suicide. I was taught while in basic training, if you are second fastest you are dead. Sit down and shut up, or you will be quieted for ever. I also suggest you don’t test this army out!!!

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    The American Civil war was the most terrible thing that ever happened to us.
    620,000 soldiers died and how many more lost legs and arms.
    It was particularly bad for the South, who, after losing so many men in the war, as many as half of all people lost their land to the carpetbaggers of the north.
    We do not want to go there.
    What we should do is to educate ourselves to be better able to see lies when they are fed to us in the media.
    My daughter is a liberal and I her told a tactic that I use when listening to the news. I listen to a mainstream channel, CNN and then watch OAN a conservative channel. When I hear it both ways, I am better able to find a balance between the two.

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      the left are commes and need to back off or the shit will hit the fan ok weak up

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      Very few want WAR of any kind but This is America and “WE THE PEOPLE” will NOT be Bullied into giving up our Freedom of Any Kind; Therefore we are saying Civil War is coming; Unless the Libs Stop their BS. NOW.

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    You know, I see very little difference between the Nazi’s brown shirts of the 1930’s and the Antifa thugs of today. These thugs are Democrats that are creating a lot of hate and are itching for a fight. One of these days, they will get what they are asking for. We are not an unarmed country like the German’s of the 1930’s. We will fight back and we need to before it is too late.

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      the new supreme court should outlaw the democratic party as domestic terrorists and remove them

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    B Taylor 2 months

    I am armed and a combat vet. Will these left wing nuts stop talking and please attack me and my friends. Then I will put them in the morgue. Talk is cheap, bring it on.

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    derrell 2 months

    The strange thing about all the thinking about a revolution most of the people on both sides is the fact it started in the 70;s and the interference of the gove. in our schools ,the removal of history from the school books ,the indoctrination on our t.v.,internet,box games,common core ,it has been going on right under the nose of all of us .there will be no uniforms ,you will not know who is left and who is right.I seen the signs in 1978 but they just called me mr.gloom and doom.It could have been stopped but our gov.was asleep at the switch.I pray ever one is prepared for the loss of your country.It can still be stopped but the solution is one word ACCOUNTABILITY.Ever body wants money but no body wants to work ,ever body wants to go too heaven but no body wants to bad as I dislike obama ,he was right our country is just plain DUMB

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    Sue Rich 2 months

    I thought our generation was much smarter than that. We know we’re being played by the government, for their benefit, not ours. We don’t have to keep playing. They’re helpless without The People.

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    Intelligent Design Came Before Creation

    In the creation of this universe, theirs a garden planet called Earth. On this planet a species called humankind has risen to the top of the food chain (before the Dinosaurs). This species is just one of many life forms on this planet. It is also one of the Creator’s species in this universe that is defined as Living Matter. It is a species of living matter whose immortality, as with all living matter (on planet Earth) is derived through the process of their reproduction cycle. The species, humankind ability to assimilate knowledge and pass this knowledge on to its future generations has made it unique above all other species on the planet Earth.

    All elements of living mater are no more than a biological life form and are species of the Creator. At the end of their life cycle, their life force (biological energy which contains the life history and knowledge of that element) is removed from its physical mater (which becomes inert mater) and becomes a part of all biological life energy that exists in the Creators universe.

    In the scheme of the Creators universe, the mortal life form of humankind (who have a short and varying life cycle as with all living matter on Earth); strive for perfection by the process of mutation and evolution through their reproduction cycles. At the end of each live matters mortal life cycle (as with all living matter) its biological energy will separate from its physical matter and (is hoped) return to the Creator to be used again in the seeding of new generations on Earth and/or in the universe of the Creator.

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    NOTE: These physical characteristics have nothing to do with humankind’s mental development or ability or intellect to strive for perfection by the process of mutation and evolution through their reproduction cycles. The mental characteristics of humankind’s living elements fall into two distinct categories:

    The Producers (also known as the Creator’s workers or conservatives or entrepreneurs): Those elements of humankind that contribute to it striving for perfection by producing, philosophy, products and technologies that improves each generation’s life cycle.

    The Takers (also known as humankind’s weeds, as free loaders or progressive liberals, socialist or career politicians), those that take something and give nothing in return); those elements of humankind that contributes nothing to its improvement and lives off the contribution of the producers

    It should be noted that humankinds greatest weakness are its inability to learn or remember its past’s mistakes from its own history.

    The side (Producers or Takers) that becomes the dominant force will determine if a country known as the United States of America will still be in existence as a unified country in the next fifty years. However, from the Creators point of view, what really matters is the Quality of all the Biological Energy created during a Living Matters Life Cycle.

    NOTE: I am not a Racist. I love all Species hear on Planet Earth with some exceptions, Snakes, Alligators, Spiders, etc. Also, the Humankind “Takers” who are in the process of destroying theses United States of America, its History, its Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

    This is being done by a group of Deep State Takers that are attacking the current constitutionally elected President of the United States. They are trying to force his Impeachment in the name of Racism, Gun Control, False NEWS and other Special Interest. These Takers are the worst of the worst of Humankind. They have put their Hate, Greed and Quest for Power before their Creator their Country, & the good of Humankind. Also, all the other Species on this Planet Earth.

    By the way I was a Soldier once. There are Many U. S. Citizens like me, who still believe in their oath to protect the United States, It’s Constitution & It’s Bill of Rights, when threaten from without or WITHIN. We can and will become Soldiers again. Takers are warned.

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    I damn sure hope for a war in the streets. Everyone knows we conservatives will stomp & slaughter those left-tards. The Bernie-tard who shot up the GOP baseball game was killed,while none of the rightists suffered much. THis may be why they want our guns so bad:
    they know we’re ready to defend against the fascists in the DNC & far-left.

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    Ernst 2 months

    I wonder if the people marching with the “The Only Good Fascist is a Dead One” sign realize that they are the Fascists?

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    daledor 2 months

    Read Albert Pike’s writing on the three world wars – the globalist Illuminists, as Pike was one after the original Civil War, long planned to create three world wars. Awesome spooky reading though – revealing how the wars were strategized/planned/implemented by these evil people to move people away from God into servitude to what Pike called “the true god Lucifer” who he and Illuminists/light bearers (Bible “if your light be darkness then how dark is your light.”) planned and caused the first two world wars close to as planned and want to create chaos and another Civil War using Islam and the socialist left vs the right with the right winning against the Muslims and atheists (socialist left that they created). The idea of the wars according to the document is to frustrate the world and steer the nations away from God to the ‘true god Lucifer’. Read it! Then read the Bible and you will see Jesus and the prophets foretold these times. When Jesus said “will faith be found” in these times He was facing the cross and his followers/Christians as we call them/people like me saved by Jesus with great persecution and torture yet Jesus was frustrated to say”would faith be found”. Sure He knew but He put the challenge out to our times. We see great persecution with many around the world that accept Jesus as Savior and Lord but that is no different than His times. SO WHAT WAS SO BAD – a great falling away – many Christians acting more and more like the world. Instead of agreeing with God that sin is sin we condone it and even embrace it more and more. There is little difference God had made in many lives because instead of letting the Creator make them in the Image of Jesus/God many make gods out of God much the same as Aaron making a golden calf while Moses met with God to appease the people of Israel. Instead of calling the calf Baal/Balltine/Satan they called it by the Name of God. Are people so different to day?? NO, far too many compromise God with the world rather than stand with God.. I condemn no one, nor does God. People condemn themselves, rejecting God in the name of the god they make and call God. Satan/Lucifer gets people to sin then condemns them for sinning and frustrates and entices/ conjoles/ appeals to the fleshly nature and gets them to call good evil and evil good. Wrong to lie? Wrong to steal? Wrong to kill? Wrong to bear false witness? Wrong to serve other gods man makes? Wrong to be an adulterer? Wrong to be a homosexual? Wrong to have sex with animals? Wrong to change your nature and even sex to what you want vs how you were made by God? Hey, I am a sinner just like all humans but I am saved by Jesus and do not want to sin and do wrong and if I do I confess it to Jesus repentantly wanting to do better. I love God and His Word more than this world and desire to be with God forever – He is so awesome and loving and kind. God is Love and loves mankind the most because He made us in His Image of His Son Who now we know as Jesus. He HATES SIN because sin separates us from Him and from each other and causes calamity now and forever if we do not accept His Son Jesus and pursue Him with a pure heart that does not want to displease our BEST FRIEND EVER. DO YOU WANT TRUTH? God does not want to lose one human to Lucifer/Satan and the evil world system. NOT ONE! But He gave us one of the MOST GODLY abilities – TO CHOOSE LIFE OR DEATH with His preference our choosing the path towards LIFE. People want to blame God or others or a political party or group for their situations and problems and hate to admit they create most of their problems and have self accountability for the choices they made. You NEVER can find the answer if you reject truth. Truth is the best of us are flawed and need God’s Redeemer Jesus. Our best self righteousness and actions are like filthy rags to God – in reality if we do anything without self in the background it is the love of God and His helping us to do it, not we ourselves. A baby is so sweet and cuddly until it does not get what it wants. We were born flawed. We can not be selfless naturally unless we are changed from the inside out by God. Period! But God knew Adam and Eve would fall and preplanned to save them by a sinless sacrifice of Himself as Jesus. We can’t fathom such love to save and redeem a being appointed to rule this world until He came to rule such as Adam, Eve, and we their children — reaching out so much to take on an earthly body and stripping Himself of Diety for 32 years and being the perfect second Adam, filling in where the first Adam failed to draw all men/women of humanity to Himself eternally as a family. Our choice to accept or reject so great a salvation, the only One acceptable to cover our sins for eternity Jesus.

    Be upset if you like, I tell the truth. The Church is the extension of Jesus on this earth as He rules from Heaven again. We are His Body of believers following the Head Jesus. We are not to embrace this world, compromise God’s truths, “go along to get along”. We are to love God FIRST and love others as ourselves – we are to be last and He will put us first as we humbly follow Him and He will give us power to overcome this world victotiously rather than let the world tell us how God is falsely and follow the path towards our own destruction. The Church is the answer if the parts will just love one another and follow Jesus as the Head doing His will not our own lusts. Do we fall and fail, YES! But we repent and ask God to help us and GROW STRONGER and grow to be warriors for God against the TRUE ENEMY Satan/Lucifer and the fallen rebel angels that defy God and cause calamity and eventual destruction of humanity, stealing mankind from its Creator. Choose wisely my friend – the path of life vs the path of death.

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