Protests Planned As Students Already Hate Trump’s “Racist, Negative” SCOTUS Pick (Before It’s Announced)

Protests Planned As Students Already Hate Trump’s “Racist, Negative” SCOTUS Pick (Before It’s Announced)

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Update: President Trump has reportedly made his decision on the Supreme Court nomination.

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This month, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he would be retiring from the Supreme Court of the United States, giving President Trump an opportunity to nominate a potential replacement.  But, as Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips notes, instantly, Trump’s political opponents began questioning the credentials of those who were thought to be on his shortlist for the position.

The same sentiment was seen on social media from pundits and members of Congress alike — but what would college students have to say about the matter? Did they have substantive reasons for not trusting the potential replacement, or were they simply set on opposing any Trump nominee?

To find out, I headed to New York University to ask students what they thought about who Trump had chosen to replace Justice Kennedy.

Despite the fact that Trump’s decision was still days away from being finalized, students unanimously condemned Trump’s move, harshly criticizing the president’s nonexistent nominee.

“He’s quite extreme in his views,” said one student of the fictitious Judge.

“I saw it all over the news, that he’s like racist,” another student added, referring to the announcement that hadn’t yet happened.

“I saw the new nominee is like racist, and he’s starting a new wave of something very negative, and I’m really scared about the future and what choices he will make,” another pupil added.

When asked if she’d seen the online coverage of the event, one faculty member described witnessing “outrage… as it should be.” 

What else did students have to say? Did anyone realize the decision had not yet been made?

Watch the full video to find out:

But, it gets even better, as The Daily Caller reports that the left-wing group Refuse Fascism is planning a nation-wide protest Monday night after President Donald Trump reveals his Supreme Court nominee.

The protests will go on regardless of who Trump chooses, spanning 12 American cities — Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Honolulu, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Atlanta, Detroit, and Seattle, according to its website.

“The Trump/Pence Regime poses a catastrophic danger to humanity and the planet, and that it is our responsibility to drive them from power through non-violent protests that grow every day until our demand is met,” Refuse Fascism, founded after the 2016 election, stated on its site.

The Facebook event photo for Monday night shows a Ku Klux Klan hood on the generic justice figure.

The Chicago chapter’s event page is titled “Keep Abortion Legal – No Fascist Supreme Court.”


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    Please do not confuse jackasses with students! Students would be in the dorm studying. These fools are just shooting their mouths off! You would think a lot of them are doing their best to earn an abortion!

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      Correct. They are the “educated” elite.

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    Trump could nominate the equivalent to Mother Theresa, and Democrats would protest. Democrats only want control, not rationality or good governance.

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    Hanging out with their magic markers and blank posters, waiting for instructions as to what name to write on the signs.

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    Ranked 34th or worse in elementary education. Spend all higher education time getting brain-washed by the guys with bow-ties. Students with no historical research skills. A worldview philosophy that’s jejune and naive. Our future work force- not. They’ll be the new “tent people” who will make New York look like San Francisco: filthy with poops everywhere.

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