Socialist Dystopia: Venezuelans Assaulted By Police Outside Socialist Health Ministry

Socialist Dystopia: Venezuelans Assaulted By Police Outside Socialist Health Ministry

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Submitted by Mac Slavo of SHTF.plan

Venezuela should be a lesson to Americans why the concept of tyrannical control (dubbed socialism or communism) should be avoided at all costs. But as many here clamor for more government control over their lives and healthcare decisions, Venezuelans who live under that control, are assaulted by the police outside the socialist health ministry.

It is with a heavy heart that one reports on the inevitable consequence of collectivism, because, since collectivism is predicated on state violence and threats of it, the outcomes are always, always bad. –MRCTV

Desperate Venezuelan citizens were attacked by armed police on April 20 when they protested the dire lack of medicine and healthcare in the socialist nation. According to Breitbart, and Carlos Camacho, of The Latin American Herald Tribune, protesters shouting “genocidas” ( or genocide perpetrators) tried to gain access to the Caracas base of the Venezuelan Health Ministry, but were met by armed police. The police assaulted the protesters, some of whom were suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and HIV, causing multiple injuries and fueling the fires of even greater resentment over Venezuela’s diseased socialist health system.

“The government just does not have the response capacity in the face of the magnitude of what is happening with the medicines’ shortages,” protestor Francisco Valencia told NTN24 following the meeting. “We will have to go to Miraflores to demand solutions from President Nicolás Maduro,” he continued. “Enough with all of the deaths! The government has the solution in its hands by activating international cooperation mechanisms.”

Shocking reports from inside the country include cases of patients being asked to bring their own bandages, gauze, and medicine, while the chronic lack of said items in a nation impoverished by socialism has led to a rise in amputations of infected limbs, and more mastectomies due to a lack of cancer treatment.

No central plan will offer a long-term solution to this. In fact, it is the very collectivism most democrats seek that brought this disaster about. Doctors and drug makers who are controlled by government dictates regarding what they can charge and offer will not long offer much.  And the silence in the mainstream media and American leftists is noteworthy.

Disarmed by the government, desperate and ill Venezuelans are being threatened by armed agents of the state as they try to get the medicine they had been promised by the collectivist system, medicine that only the competitive free market can provide in higher quality at lower and lower prices. (Also another lesson for Americans wondering why the cost of their drugs and medical care is so high.)



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    Welcome to the world of Socialism. Honestly doesn’t anybody pay attention to history any more? As for the violence, distance from disorder is the best way to survive. Socialist hold very little value on human life and if threatened will do what they must to hold onto power. For once socialism is overthrown it will be generations before the people can be duped again.

    As for the dead, a few hundred, a thousand, even tens of thousands dead to hold onto the socialist dream of domination via poverty, paranoia and fear should be disregarded only at your peril. Remember Stalin, Mao and Po Pot killed their own by the millions. Lesser’s like Fidel and Che’, etc killed them only by the thousands. We’ll just have to see how goes Venezuela.

    Sad that so many are so blind and foolish as to learn these lessons the hard way.

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