Trump Warns Mueller Against Probing Family Finances

Trump Warns Mueller Against Probing Family Finances

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President Donald Trump on Wednesday cautioned Russia probe special counsel Robert Mueller from delving into his family’s finances, saying he would consider the move as crossing a red line.

“I would say yes,” Trump told The New York Times in an interview in the Oval Office. “I think that’s a violation.

“Look, this is about Russia,” he said.

The president did not say what he would do should that occur, and he did not say whether he would direct the Justice Department to fire Mueller.

In addition, Trump would not tell the Times under what circumstances he might order Mueller’s termination – though he left open the possibility.

Trump did, however, accuse Mueller of hiring many lawyers for the Moscow investigation who have contributed to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The president also noted that he interviewed Mueller to replace James Comey, whom he fired as FBI director in May, just before he was named special counsel.

“He was up here and he wanted the job,” Trump told the Times.

After he was named special counsel, by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein: “I said, ‘What the hell is this all about?’ Talk about conflicts,” Trump said.

“But he was interviewing for the job.

“There were many other conflicts that I haven’t said, but I will at some point.”


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    Rob 11 months

    This witch-hunt has gone on long enough, besides, as we all know, any decision Mueller makes will be split between Right and Left! Mueller is in a position as a civilian and can’t be governed by any rules, so his investigation is basicly pointless!

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    Joe 10 months

    Get rid of this guy!!! He was not right for the job in the first place. The deck has been stacked against Trump from the beginning. This has gone on long enough! Good people are going to suffer. Trump is our saving grace from going broke to another world war! This asshole should be watching out ass with the world instead he is wasting time and money trying to take down a president that has done everything in his power to help and keep safe the Amorticsn people. This guy won’t stop until he makes up shit with the others that are on his comity! All a bunch of rats that can’t believe Hillary and the Clinton train have list. Get a life!!

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