What Is This Mysterious Object That Washed Ashore In South Carolina?

What Is This Mysterious Object That Washed Ashore In South Carolina?

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Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

A large mysterious object washed ashore on South Carolina’s Seabrook Island last week, and no one seems to know exactly what it is.

Image credit: Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network

The Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network (LMMN) was the first to notice, posting a photo on Facebook of a “mysterious object that washed ashore”.

According to LMMN officials, the object’s appearance is deceiving: It looks like it is made out of concrete, but it actually has a soft and foam-like exterior.

Commenters on the LMMN Facebook post have been speculating about what the object might be. Guesses include parts of a UFO or satellite, a buoy, or a dredge pipe float. Some suggested it was refuse from a government munition dumping site.

Town leaders came out to investigate and promptly removed the object, according to comments by LMMN.

As of now, officials have not commented on what the object might be, or where they took it.

In June, the Charlotte Observer reported a mystery object made of metal washed ashore at Corolla in North Carolina. Its use and origin were never reported.


  • comment-avatar
    JAMES DALLY 1 week

    try a part of rocket booster from going to outer space.

  • comment-avatar
    Gary 1 week

    Junk. next story olease

  • comment-avatar
    Elaine DuAntonio 1 week

    That’s an easy obe…it’s a demonrat! Full meltdown.

  • comment-avatar
    TONY BELL 1 week

    Part of Challanger maybe?

  • comment-avatar
    Anthony 1 week

    This item could be a Capture Collar for a decommissioned Offshore Oil Rig. Viewed Upside down, used in the process of drilling oil wells in medium to deep water exploration of oil. This design was seen in 1970 era exploration rigs. For this item, if it is a Capture Collar, to wash up on shore, it would have taken a great deal of force from the sea floor. Possible, could be, but how would you move a two + ton mass, such as a capture collar without some degree of mechanical effort/ Also, as the photo does not share the true size of the item, it is deceiving. By the way, the only part of the Challenger operation that was concrete happened to be in the pad it self.

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